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Varley and Gullivers sister company Hill and Smith Barrier provide a range

of safety barrier that includes Flexbeam, Brifen wire rope and many more.

For a full portfolio please visit their website

Flexbeam VRS

Flexbeam utilizes the ‘W’ beam profile

mounted on ‘Z /S’ profile posts and

has products to suit N2W2 / N2W3 /

N2W4 / N2W5 single-sided and N2W2 /

N2W3 / N2W4 double-sided.



can be

installed on



surface mounted posts, in socketed

posts or posts cast directly into

concrete. Flexbeam can connect

directly into Flexbeam plus without

the need for a transition.

Brifen VRS

The Brifen VRS is globally recognised

and is increasingly specified by

highway authorities including Britain,

Australasia, the Middle East,

Scandinavia, USA and South America.

A proven


Brifen is

making an


contribution to road safety with

installations in more than 30 countries

throughout the world.

Brifen has been tested to the two main

approval standards – EN1317 and


The speed of installation and lower life

cycle costs make Brifen VRS the

preferred choice of many engineers.

Brifen has also gained CE marked

approval for its EN1317 tested


The total solution in barrier systems

The company has attained CE Mark

approval for their length of need

systems within Brifen and Flexbeam.

Safety Fence

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