Welding is carried out in accordance with approved welding procedures conforming to BS EN 288 (Parts 1 to 4) and by welders approved to BS EN 287 (Parts 1 & 2) and BS 4781.

Non-destructive Testing (NDT) is performed either in house or by outside inspectorate to the standards detailed below. All inspection

personnel are qualified to PCN level for visual, dye penetrant, magnetic particle & ultrasonic testing.

BS EN 970 Non-destructive examination of fusion welds - visual inspection.
BS EN 571-1 Non - destructive testing - Penetrant testing. Part 1 General principles.
BS EN 1290 Non - destructive examination of welds - Magnetic particle examination of welds.
BS EN 1713 Non-destructive examination of welds - Ultrasonic examination - Characterization of indications in welds.

Varley and Gulliver Ltd are dedicated to quality and continuous process improvement. Our aim is to ensure that through established standards and procedures complying with the requirements of ISO 9001 and current legislation, the level of quality matches or exceeds our customers expectations. We believe employees at all levels are responsible for meeting high quality standards and encourage their involvement in the quality process.

Our quality objectives have been established by senior management to reflect our customer focus. To assess our performance we operate a process of monitor, measure and act to realize our ultimate goal "Total Customer Satisfaction".
The company's quality objectives undergo a formal assessment by top management every 6 months to ensure the continuing effectiveness of its policies.


The quality provided by Varley & Gulliver has ensured the highest standards within the industry.
Varley & Gulliver has been assessed and approved by LRQA and hold their Certificate of Approval No.
860500 for the following quality system standards.

ISO 9001:2008

Sector Scheme 5A - Manufacture
Sector Scheme 5B - Installation
Sector Scheme 2B - Installation


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