Pedestrian Guardrails

Are used to prevent pedestrians walking into the road and are generally situated at potentially hazardous locations, such as Pedestrian Crossings, Schools, Shopping areas etc. Both systems are of modular design and come in standard panel lengths.

Pedestrian Parapets

Are provided to separate people from vehicular traffic. It must be borne in mind that they are not a vehicle restraint system; i.e. they are not designed to resist the penetration of an errant vehicle. The P4 system differs from standard guardrails in so much as it is designed for applications where there is a likelihood of a fall from height.

Pedestrian Guardrail - Aluminium Pedestrian Guardrail - Steel
Pedestrian Parapet - Aluminium Pedestrian Parapet - Steel

If you are looking for something different then we can help.

The picture left shows a unique design of pedestrian parapet that Varley and Gullver provided for the Sheikh Zayed bridge in Abu Dhabi.

Featuring twin posts and air plane wing profile rails produced from a single extrusion.

If you have an idea we can make it a reality.

Pedestrian  Barriers

Bespoke Designs

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