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Pedestrian Barriers

As well as standard panels, bespoke designs are available to satisfy the vision of designers. Probably the most iconic is the Sheikh Zayed Bridge in Abu Dhabi (pictured right), where Varley and Gulliver supplied an aluminium design where the rails resembled the shape of an air plane wing.
A special tubular design for the Erskine bridge in Scotland (pictured left) provides a high level of protection. The system was provided with enhanced galvanising to increase its corrosion protection. Each standard panel was 2.4m high by 4m long.
Pedestrian Guardrails
Varley and Gulliver produce a range of standard pedestrian restraint systems in aluminium and steel in accordance with BS 7818 and TR 1317, ranging from a standard height of 1m up to 1.8m with 1m - 2m standard panel lengths. All steel systems are galvanised to ISO 1461. The aluminium option provides a whole life cost benefit as no protective coatings are required.
Pedestrian Parapets