Mira Demonstration Day 2009

An organisation known as the Passive Revolution (now UK Roads) seek to encourage and develop an improved understanding of the current standards for road safety. One of their ventures has been to have a crash demonstration day to show how some of the crash friendly products perform. Typically all the demonstration impacts that have taken place have been carried out with the vehicle travelling at high speed 60 mph. Why is this? To ensure the product has the best chance of performing, as the speed class test is the easiest element of the test criteria to pass. Even a product that fails the low speed test could still pass the high speed test as there is far more energy in the impact. In 2009 Varley and Gulliver moved into uncharted territory by carrying out a slow speed test at 40 mph. Although as a spectacle it was less entertaining, it was more representative of the demanding element of the test criteria. As can be seen from the video on the left, ‘HiMast’ performs as designed and causes minimal deceleration to the impacting vehicle which ensures a high level of occupant safety.

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