Statistics show serious injuries and deaths are occurring each year from collisions with non-passive sign post supports. In 2004 the UK Highways Agency introduced TA89/04 Use of Passively Safe Supports for Signs to allow an alternative to the traditional structural steel poles and protective safety barrier. TA89/05 also introduced a size limit for steel sign supports of 89mm dia. with a wall thickness of 3.2mm thick to set a size limit that could be placed on the highway without the protection of barrier unless passively safe.

Following more than two years of development Varley and Gulliver successfully completed the approval of single and multi-legged passive post designs to EN 12767 at MIRA test facility in the UK.

Varley and Gulliver has taken the passive revolution into a new era with its anti-climb and environmentally friendly passive aluminium sign support “HiMast”.

Product Range Approvals
‘HiMast’ goes where others fear. To find out more about Varley and Gullivers  Passive post click here.

Passive Sign Supports

When purchasing passive sign supports the following questions should be asked.

Products supplied outside the tested parameters do not comply with
EN 12767. Therefore, by definition they are not passively SAFE.

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