Since April 2005 all bridge parapets in the UK have been required to comply with the European Standard BS EN 1317.

Additionally since 1st July 2013 all systems are now required to be CE marked.

Varley and Gulliver offer a range of products conforming to the European standard EN1317 and are accordingly CE marked. We still continue to supply products to the British standard
BS 6779 in parts of the world where this is the preferred standard, please contact us for options. To view EN 1317 test requirements
click here.

The American standard has many similarities to the European standard

EN 1317 but with the most notable difference being the impact angles and vehicle size. As an example EN 1317 uses a 1500kg vehicle impacting at 110km/h with an impact angle of 20 degrees for the N2 containment level vs NCHRP 350 with a 2000kg vehicle impacting at 100km/h with an impact angle of 25 degrees for the TL3 containment level. The difference in energy is huge with the NCHRP 350 impact being over 50% higher than
EN 1317. The American standard should be used where the majority of the vehicular population is larger than in Europe.

Bridge Parapets

EN 1317 N2

The AASHTO 17th Edition specification does not require bridge parapets to be dynamically tested, instead their performance is determined by calculation. Varley and Gulliver offer an aluminium design that is seen to be more aesthetically appealing over conventional systems. The companies calculations have been verified and approved by Arup consulting engineers

Varley and Gulliver provide a range of Bridge Parapets complying with the standards below.

Hover your mouse over each standard to see the containment classes that we can offer.

Select your desired containment class to view available technical details for the products available in the selected class.

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