This statement forms part of the main health and safety policy and should be read in conjunction with the Hill and Smith Holdings

Ltd group health and safety policy statement and the Employee Handbook.

The Company is committed to operating its businesses in accordance with

the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and all applicable regulations made

under the Act.

As Managing Director, I am ultimately responsible for ensuring the sites compliance with Health and Safety legislation and implementation of this Health and Safety Policy formulated by the Hill and Smith Holdings Ltd Group Board of Directors
However, the day-to-day execution of this responsibility is delegated to the Departmental Heads of each of the sites operating areas.

Varley & Gulliver Ltd is committed to ensuring the Health, Safety and Welfare of all its staff, visitors and those persons who use our facilities or are affected by the way in which

we conduct our business. To this end the Board of Varley & Gulliver Ltd, has produced a Health and Safety Policy that will be applied as an integral part of our business.  

By ensuring:

The Health and Safety of our visitors, contractors, neighbours and the general public in relation to the way we conduct our daily business.A structured and focused organisational framework for the active management and review of Health and Safety issues. The key elements of a successful Health and Safety management programme are recognised whilst continuously seeking to improve our performance by considering the Health and Safety implications of all the activities under our control.

To undertake and continuously review a programme of risk assessments in all significant areas of our business and address any material areas of deficiency as appropriate.

To adopt best practice and where we believe this to be appropriate go beyond best practise in the review of our procedures, which we will undertake on a regular basis to meet changes in legislation and guidance we may obtain.

To assist all Departmental Heads and all other Site employees in carrying out their Health and Safety duties by facilitating the provision of specialist technical advice, guidance and training when required.

That all persons in our employ are suitably trained for the duties they undertake and are made aware of how to bring any concerns to the attention of management.  

We will provide information, instruction, supervision and training to cover all activities under our control.

ffective emergency procedures are in place to cover such matters as fire risks, evacuation, first aid, accident reporting and any other health and safety aspects of our operations.

he suitable welfare facilities are in place for all our staff and visitors whilst they are either on the site or at work.

That health and safety matters are actioned by:

Setting Health and Safety objectives by department.

Developing suitable procedures and safe systems bespoke to each

department, or piece of equipment.

Delegating specific responsibilities as appropriate.

Monitoring the Health and Safety performance of individuals and the

organisation as part of the continuous improvement programme.

Reviewing annually or more frequently if required, our Health & Safety Policy.

Featuring Health and Safety as a standard agenda item at all appropriate

forums and recording all key actions and decisions.

The co-operation and support of all staff and visitors in addressing the pro-active management of Health and Safety is essential to our efforts to achieve effective and consistent Health and Safety policies and practices.  
Management and all employees will be expected to exercise personal responsibility and co-operate in seeking to prevent harm to themselves, visitors, others in addition to the environment, which the site occupies. All employees
will consider every aspect of their working duties and seek to eliminate any unsafe acts or omissions that they identify.

The Board of Varley & Gulliver Ltd encourages positive contributions from all staff and remind them all that they must follow safe working practices in accordance with their instruction and training and bring any Health and Safety issues
to the attention of their Departmental Heads and the Subsidiary Managing Director via the set procedures.

The promotion of Health and Safety and its continuous improvement is the responsibility of everyone associated with the site. This is embedded within our philosophy and culture and the site will endeavour
to ensure that effective Health and Safety management is an integral part of its everyday business and the effective corporate governance of its activities.

Being part of a PLC places a lot of responsibility on each group company for compliance and health and safety is no exception.

In addition to the various industry schemes that we have to satisfy, our groups requirements are amongst the most stringent.  

Each business is set minimum targets and year on year improvements have to be demonstrated to external auditors.

Health, Safety and the Environment

External Accreditations

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