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Installing over live traffic Having lane closures is time consuming and costly, but is often used when carrying out repairs or when refurbishments are taking place. Varley and Gulliver can dispense with these on overbridges by installing edge protection prior to the complete removal of the existing parapet.
Site Survey, inspections and Repair Over the last 40 years the main parapet designs installed on the highway include Baco, HDA and British Steel. With our ownership of Baco and HDA designs and our rights to repair British Steel systems, Varley and Gulliver can offer an unparalleled service. This is in addition to our own designs and those of Lionweld Kennedy whom we acquired in 2004. Varley and Gulliver offer a full site survey of existing parapet systems and will provide a report detailing the products history, ownership and condition. Varley and Gulliver also offer a presentation covering the assessment and identification of existing systems. The presentation shows the information required that can often identify to us the system in question and the required repair negating the need for a site survey.

Varley and Gulliver has established itself as a market leader in the supply and installation of Aluminium and Steel Bridge Parapets and Aluminium and

Steel Pedestrian Guardrails.

From receipt of order Varley and Gulliver produce layout drawings to show their interpretation of site geometry and how their product will fit. Once

approved the product details are put into manufacture to coincide with the site program.

Once manufactured their teams of installers will erect the systems inline with the approved drawings.

Varley and Gulliver do not subcontract manufacturing to ensure from start to finish Varley and Gulliver are in control of their design layout and


Anchorage testing. Carrying out a refurbishment of an existing structure will often necessitate in testing the existing anchorages to determine their serviceability. Where the existing anchorages are unable to be used resin fixed anchors will normally be the answer. Varley and Gulliver provide suitably trained personnel to carry out this work as part of its service.
Refurbishment Refurbishemnt of existing structures involves removing the old Parapet and replacing with new. The company undertakes this type of work on a regular basis on all sizes of structures. We install edge protection, remove and dispose of the old parapet system, drill for new anchorages where required, carry out patch repairs to damaged concrete, carry out anchorage pull tests and install the new parapet with one of our class leading systems.