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Bridge Parapet / Noise Barrier


The Noise Barrier contained capture wires to prevent it falling in the unlikely event of the system detaching from the parapet H4a Parapet with Noise Barrier Almost any type of brick fascia can be used GRP Brick Cladding

Bridge Parapet / GRP Cladding


This integrated solution

enabled the bridge to be

much narrower than

designed. A typical build

would require the noise

barrier to be placed

outside the working

width of the parapet, in

this case around 1.3m,

plus the depth of the

noise barrier. The

combined parapet and

noise barrier saved

around 2m on each side

of the structure

providing savings of

£100s thousands in

construction costs.

The combined system

also saved on material

and installation times

compared with seperate


Bridge parapets, whilst

effective, are not the

most attractive of

products, especially in

rural areas.

To this end, Varley and Gulliver developed a GRP cladding system that wouldn’t affect the products performance or CE Mark.
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