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About Us

The company was started shortly after the First World War, with the main business based around the fabrication of sheet metal parts for the motorcycle industry, a growth area at that time. From that grew a quality engineering business that adapted to a rapidly changing world and strove to keep abreast of developing technology. Over the years Varley and Gulliver has served a varied range of industries. After becoming involved in the manufacture of defence products during the second world war, they expanded into the machine tool industry and from there into the fabrication of architectural products. By the 1970’s we were already highly experienced in the fabrication of highway related safety barriers and were winning contracts internationally. In 1990 Varley and Gulliver became a wholly owned subsidiary of Hill & Smith Holdings PLC. In 2000 Varley and Gulliver acquired the Intellectual Property of BACO Contracts Highway Products. Read more… In 2004 Varley and Gulliver acquired the assets of Lionweld Kennedy parapets. The Company now has two divisions, its head office in Birmingham where all products are manufactured and a sales and contracting arm in Middlesbrough. This has enabled the company to provide an even better service to its customers. This, combined with a highly qualified and experienced workforce enables the company to offer customers a reliable and outstanding level of quality and service. Varley and Gulliver's technical services department offer a full commercial drawing, installation and contract management service. This department utilizes the latest CAD technology to help customers with the design process, bringing the advantage of specialist knowledge that only years of in-depth, practical experience can provide. Commitment to safety is a great reassurance to our customers as is the quality of our work. We endeavour to complete on schedule and are frequently asked to finish competitors work. Varley and Gulliver has provided engineering solutions for over 60 years, offering the very best in quality and service for a range of products. Our continuing presence in testing environments from the UK to the Middle East prove Varley and Gulliver's position as a major player in highway safety.